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Here are some of the companies we have worked with:

Management Companies

Camco Management Company – One of the management companies we have multiple Condominium accounts through. We service these Condominiums in summer (lawn maintenance, shrub pruning, tree pruning, fertilizations, aerations, fall and spring clean-ups, edging plus all landscaping needs) and also in the winter (snow removal / salting / shoveling). Our benefit to the management company includes consulting on best solutions for outdoor projects. Our experience and knowledge can be utilized for plant, tree and lawn maintenance. We are also experts in water drainage issues. Management companies field a number of calls every day for a variety of issues. Our goal is to limit those calls due to the maintenance we take charge of. We pride ourselves in the minimal amount of calls received due to our services, however, in the event there is an issue, we offer solutions and take care of those issues quickly.

Other management companies:

Hunt Management Company 
Condominium Services 

Senior Living Centers

Waterford Senior Living and Stoney Creek Senior Living – These facilities demand more TLC. During the summer, we are asked to work around activities and meals. These facilities have gardens that the residents care for. We are asked to “work up” the gardens in spring and fertilize the ground. We need to take extra care when performing lawn maintenance duties, as to passing people that may not be quite as aware of you. During the winter, these facilities may need more salt to be sure guests or visitors do not slip and fall. All emergency exits need to be clear at all times. These facilities can be 3 shift operations so timing of clearing is always a priority.

Day Care Centers

Learning Edge New Berlin and Oak Creek – Timing is always a key at the day care centers. We schedule our maintenance for the early mornings, before any children have been dropped off. This eliminates all chances of children being injured during a mowing. We schedule fertilizations for the weekend so no children are exposed to chemicals during the applications. For the winter, timing is again key. Entrances must be cleared for early morning drop offs of children. Also deliveries of food and beverages must be accounted for. At these centers, we also move staff vehicles and clear them of snow so they are ready for service when the staff arrives.

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